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The N8ing Convention

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The N8ing Convention

A proposed release naming convention that favors simplicity over cryptic tagging.


Almost every dev shops goes through an iteration phase where they think they have a good naming convention for releases and then it falls down the very next release. Usually starts with a date only (2016-01-01), then migrates to version number (5.1.2), then a hybrid (5.1.2 2016-01-01), and then almost always just sticks with whatever the previous release's convention was because ain't nobody got time fo dat.

Somewhere simplicity was lost in a big pile of backlogged issues. The N8ing convention attempts to get back to simple, remove clutter, and add consistency.

How's it work?

Each calendar year starts off by choosing a theme. Once selected a release is named by a themed word or phrase that begins with "A". The second release should start with "B". The third with "C" and so on. Much like the naming convention for tropical storms. Please note, release names are case insensitive.

An Example

Format: Release name (explanation that is not in actual name)

As you can see above at the conclusion of the year 2016, a new theme was started.

Convention Rules

I'm Lazy

Not sure if your release name is valid? Check it here

Things to Consider


Release names

Where are my dates? version numbers?

Simply put, it's in source control under releases/tagging. Software following semver tagging methodologies should have an appropriately tagged version and date -- post release. Coupling release names with release dates/versions is a bad practice that ultimately leads to name changes in the middle of a release QA/UAT/Deployment cycle.

What conventions do you use? What did I miss? Why am I wrong? Leave your comments below.

Nate Clark

Nate Clark