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Creating N8Flix: A Netflix clone with Plex

Nate ClarkNate Clark

Creating N8Flix: A Netflix clone with Plex

A cloud solution for cord cutters who are fed up with all the pains of watching Movies & TV at home.¹

Key Benefits

What We're Building

  1. A globally accessible Plex Media Server
  2. A fully automated TV & Movie processing server behind a private VPN.

NOTE: These will be running in the cloud, not on your home network or devices.

What It Will Cost

*** UPDATE: There is a one time cost of a newsbin indexer. It varies by indexer. I recommend nzbgeek.info ~$30 lifetime.

Final cost is $675/yr or $56/mon. Prices are current as of 1/1/2017

If the above figure doesn't scare you, continue reading.

What Skills Do I Need?

For starters:
1. The ability to "Google" anything you don't understand
2. General knowledge of the *nix command line
3. An internet connected pc
4. An attention to detail
5. Strong copy/paste abilities

OK. You're ready to get started.

Continue on to Creating N8Flix: Part II - The Processing Server

¹ The author of this post is not responsible for or recommending any illegal activities that readers might attempt as a result. This is simply an educational and theoretical exercise.

Nate Clark

Nate Clark